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We focus on delivering quality and hygienic services that are consistent at all of our locations; hence, all of our disposable tools are for single client use only. What that means is that all of our buffers, files, and sanding bands are never reused on the next client. Our obsession with cleanliness can further be deduced from the tub liners we use for our pedicure spas. The liners are in place before the water fills the tub and are disposed of right after each and every client; thus, at no time are the client’s feet in direct contact with the tub itself. What this translates into is that when clients dip their feet into our pedicure spas to relax, they can thoroughly and truly relax knowing that their feet will not be contaminated by the residue left over from the previous customer’s pedicure. Oh, did we mention that the gloves our technicians wear are also for single client use?

In terms of our non-disposable tools, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about them. Our stainless steel instruments are sanitized after use on each client according to recommendations by the local health department. Clean tools are then sealed in disposable, sanitation pouches and are only opened by the nail technicians at the start of each service.

Wait, we did tell you that it’s an obsession, so there’s more…

For waxing, single-use wooden applicators only go into the wax pot once. Double-dipping is just simply gross!

After all,
beauty doesn’t have
to come with a
DIRTY price!

Furthermore, unlike other salons, in which clients dip their hands or feet directly into the paraffin wax warmer, we use disposable paraffin wax liners for each individual treatment. In all of our salons, paraffin applications on our clients are done by first putting the paraffin wax into a disposable liner in which the client’s hands or feet are then immersed in. The liner and its contents are then disposed of after each client is done with their treatment. For this reason, our clients absolutely do not have to worry that they are dipping their hands or feet in the same warmer as other clients before them nor have any doubts as to whether the paraffin wax used to make their skin silky smooth has been contaminated by previous clients. Rest assured, the paraffin wax is always new.

So come in and relax while we make you look and feel beautiful…after all, beauty doesn’t have to come with a DIRTY price!

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